Xl girls home alone

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I find the description of this movie pretty offensive, and I am not interested in being quiet about it. I get that there are a lot of folks out there that like larger women and that this is the way that some porno studios think that this desire needs to be marketed, but I am here to nip that shit in the bud and say no thank you. These ladies are hot and deserve respect. I love bodies, be they short, tall, thick, thin, male, female, both or none. But what I love more than bodies is the way that people feel sexy in their bodies, and the fact that no matter what their body looks like, there are other people in the world that find their bodies just as hot. Yum to diverse desires!

XL Girls Home Alone

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More full-figured women from "Voluptuous" magazine pleasure themselves. She doesn't seem relaxed, like she is putting it on, almost like she is holding back. Susie is her brilliant filthy self. In this film, Laura lets herself go. If you like Laura you will agree this is her best film so far. Didn't bother to watch other girls! Would have preferred just a film about those two.

XL Girls Home Alone 2

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