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Ronda rousey hot ronda! Short sleeve t-shirt - ronda rousey the baddest person on the planet takes her talents to the world wrestling entertainment and inspired by the late great hot rod rowdy piper. Have your little one embrace their inner superstar and represent the WWE women's Division that is stealing the shows by wearing one of the fan favorites ronda rousey! Printed on a super soft tee, this is great for everyday use, the casual fan or even the hardcore fan alike. Great also if you are going to any WWE live shows. Here at Walmart.

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Hottest Female Wrestlers Top WWE Divas – SportyTell

It doesn't take a genius to realize that WWE hasn't exactly offered equal opportunities for male and female wrestlers over its lifespan, one thing that's for sure is that the company has played host to some of the most gorgeous women ever seen on television. While WWE's focus is currently shifting from women being seen as little more than eye candy to fully-fledged in-ring competitors, there's no denying that the division is still stacked with beautiful women. Looking further back through WWE's history, ever since Sable began rewriting the rules for what is appropriate wrestling programming and what isn't, WWE has made a conscious effort to bring as many models to TV as possible, despite many of them not possessing more than an ounce of wrestling ability. Although that trend has been completely thrown on its head due to the establishment of NXT, which offers an equal opportunity pathway to WWE's main roster through its developmental program, WWE has created a long list of hot women to have graced the squared circle. We're not talking hot as in the cute girl you'd take home to meet your family - cough, Bayley, cough - but the kind of woman that alarms conservative mothers across the world when going through their son's recent Google searches.

Hottest Female Wrestlers 2020: Top-20 WWE Divas

In the s, WWE begins to call female performers as Divas. The term Diva was in use until when it was discontinued in favor of Women Superstar or just Superstars. Generally, in pro wrestling, two things play a very important role when it comes to the success of a wrestler i. Along with these skills women wrestlers sometimes also rely on their appearance. Since WWE is the home to some of the hottest women in the world it is not an easy process to create any list based on the attractiveness of the female wrestlers.
In the history of WWE, women are known to have been taking good parts in the sport. She started her career as a wrestler in but had a pause as a result of a head injury she sustained in The injury made her stay off the ring for 6 years. There were speculations that might be the end of her career as a wrestler.