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Sex during lockdown: are we witnessing a cybersexual revolution?

Your Body During Sex

Sex workers in Germany are demanding the right to get back to work as the country's brothels remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Prostitution is legal and regulated in Germany but the country's brothels have been closed for almost four months due to the outbreak. Now, sex workers say they are being treated unfairly and are demanding the right to return to work, especially as other businesses where close contact is permitted, such as hair salons and tattoo parlors, have reopened. The protest was organized by the Association of Sex Workers with the group warning that the closure of licensed venues had forced some prostitutes onto the streets, putting them in danger both in terms of their health and personal safety. Ahead of the protest on Herbertstrasse, a street in the district of St. Pauli in Hamburg and the only street in the city's "red light district" where sex workers occupy windows, similar to Amsterdam's red light district, the association posted a statement on its website calling for sex workers to be able to work again.

Germany's sex workers demand to go back to work as coronavirus ban continues

How did you hear about us? Public Cloud security incidents hit India the hardest in the last year with 93 per cent of the country's organisations experiencing such an issue, said a survey of 26 nations by cybersecurity company Sophos on Monday. National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt Gen Rajesh Pant on Friday asked companies to get their cybersecurity audit done as the country looks to cut dependency on foreign apps and software.
But in the nick of time, a worldwide pandemic arrived, and a budding sexual renaissance emerged in its wake. Flinging the Gregorian calendar into irrelevance, humanity will be bisected into pre-Covid and post-Covid, and although many will ruminate on how we have changed, one thing is indisputable: the rose-colored epoch before the coronavirus bitterly shamed the sending of nudes. They were perceived as gauche, even pathetic. Sexual revolutions are often birthed by a narrowing of choice.