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Before you decide to have sex or if you are already having sex, you need to know how to stay healthy. Even if you think you know everything you need to know about sex, take a few minutes and read on. Your doctor wants to make sure you know the facts. Sex can change your life and relationships.

National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth

Supporting teens with their sexuality - ReachOut Parents

The share of high school students who are sexually active has fluctuated since , ranging from 30 to 38 percent. In , Appendix 1 Among black students, however, the proportion who reported they were sexually active decreased from 59 percent in to 33 percent in The proportion of high school students who reported they had ever had vaginal sexual intercourse declined between and , from 54 to 46 percent. Between and this figure fluctuated only slightly, and then further declined to 41 percent in Roughly a third of both male and female high school students reported being sexually active in 30 percent for both males and females. Appendix 1 In , black male students were more likely than black female students to report being sexually active 40 and 26 percent, respectively.

Teen Sexual Behavior (For Parents)

Most parents want to know why this happened. Why did their teen sexually harm someone else? There is almost never a single reason why a teen engages in illegal sexual behavior. More often such behavior is the result of many factors. Following are the most common reasons.
Everyone goes through the process of understanding and becoming comfortable with their sexuality. Talk with your teen often about things they care about, so they feel comfortable discussing personal issues with you:. Here are some ways to help them feel more comfortable in coming out to you:.