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Sometimes, a particular sexual experience just sticks out for you as hotter than all the rest - whether that's down to the person, the location, or just something new that you tried. But what exactly constitutes hot sex? These 11 people share their hottest ever real-life sexual experiences , which can give us an idea. By the time we left, I was very wet and very horny.

11 of the hottest real life sex stories

Normal People star Daisy Edgar-Jones reveals all on show's hot sex scenes

Ever get jealous of that one guy in your crew who seems to get way more action than everyone else? He doesn't even have good game—to quote Derek Zoolander, he's just "really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Justin Lehmiller , Ph. In a recent blog post , he detailed three different studies, all of which pointed to the same conclusion: The really, really, ridiculously good-looking population really does sleep with more people. That doesn't necessarily mean they're having more sex—it just means their body count, so to speak, is higher. According to evolutionary science, there's a reason why "attractive" people would have more sexual partners. I put "attractive" in quotes, because what's attractive to one person isn't necessarily what's attractive to another person.

Do Hot People Have More Sexual Partners?

Skip navigation! Story from Best of Netflix. Sometimes it just feels good to unwind and get immersed into a great series with some hot people who like to get it on.
S ome people wrongly believe that 5G is the cause of the coronavirus. The characters are nothing particularly new. Sharron is full of masculine bravado, using his pieces to camera as an opportunity to announce that his dick is the size of an air freshener can. When they eventually learn about the sex ban, the contestants become deranged. Needless to say, the contestants find each other too hot not to handle.