Nanatsu no taizai guila

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If it's for you, I'll do anything. As such, she is the primary antagonist of the Capital of the Dead arc. Guila is a young female with a slim build and long black hair. Her eyes are very narrow, giving the impression to be closed at all times. Her first attire consisted of a single white one piece with a small white coat, with long white high heel boots.

Guila and Gowther

Guila | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom

After siding with the Sins and following the conclusion of the battle with Hendrickson, Guila began training to get stronger along with Jericho and Princess Veronica. Tier : Likely 7-B 7-B. Her combined attack with Howzer managed to slightly injure Helbram with his Link City level Far stronger than before. Injured numerous lesser demons including a Gray Demon while she was covered in wounds. Durability : Likely City level She tanked one of her own explosions, and could easily withstand hits from Sealed Base Meliodas without his weapon City level Took attacks from numerous lesser demons such as Gray Demons. Range : Extended melee range with her weapons, several dozen meters with explosions.

Her father disappeared one day on a mission. Guila decided that she too would become a Holy Knight but her training did not yield sufficient results. However, seemingly in a single day, she was promoted to the Rank of Holy Knight.
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