Monkey style sex

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Sometimes you're just not in the mood to have something inside you. That's literally all there is to it. For all those times and everything in between, here are five non-penetrative sex positions that will redefine sex for both of you. Let him go to town on your outer ass with a little almost-butt stuff. Have him lube up his penis and place it between your butt cheeks. For a totally new angle, have him flip around and face your feet.

There's a sex position called the 'spider monkey' and it sounds fairly harrowing, TBH

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If you worry it takes you too long to have an orgasm, stop it this instant! You take exactly the right amount of time. But if it still sometimes takes longer than you'd like to climax, there could be some stuff happening. Here are some easy fixes to start. You're expecting too much from P-in-V Penetrative sex is glorious in all kinds of ways but the fact is most women cannot orgasm with P-in-V alone. Invite your clit to the party; adding a little leg humping can be just what you need. And if you need more, go ahead and put a toy to work as well.

The ‘spider monkey’ sex position involves women doing HEADSTAND – would you try it?

In this position, the technique is very complicated, so be sure to listen to your own feelings and do not risk, if you are not sure in your abilities not to get injured. The male partner stands on his toes, with his feet shoulder width. The woman stands on her head with arms bent at the elbows and lifted up, they stand at the base of the head for the support to be also on them. Legs of the female partner are bent at the knees and spread on sides, the male partner takes his mistress on her feet with his hands, helping her in such a way to be in this position.
And if there isn't, there will be one at some point in the future regardless because it turns out that a bit of standard missionary just isn't enough for some people. If things have gotten a bit dry? Or not, because it sounds harrowing and kind of feels like you might accidentally break your neck at any second but it's a thing so someone somewhere must be doing it, right?