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Occasionally, I need to change into scrubs at work. Usually, this has to do with the need to attend a delivery or to scrub in for a cesarean birth. Either I try to change in a way that no one else will see my underwear. Or I wait until I am the only one in the locker room to change. But I am waiting for someone to discover my little secret of course not really.

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Bangalore: Walked into the mens locker room by accident and caught Octane and Mirage comparing dick sizes. They spent too long staring and then left. Caustic: Mirage got drunk and swam naked in the lap pool at the gym on-site, where Caustic does his night exercises. Caustic no longer does night exercises. Crypto: Opened his door to fully naked Mirage, who asked if he could borrow a pair of pants because Octane stole all of his as a prank. Gibraltar: Went skinny dipping together because it was hot and neither of them has any shame.

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I began my freshman year at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama in the fall of I must have arrived early, because as I recall, the campus was largely empty on my first day there. I knew absolutely no one. The Locker Room was and still is a purveyor of the sort of classic style one would find at Brooks Brothers. The very first person I met on my very first day at college was Joe Davis.
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