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Quarantine sucks for everyone but it's gotta especially suck for hardcore bands and their fans , who really can't exist to their fullest potential without a room full of constantly-moving, sweaty bodies packed together like sardines. A very small number of these bands have been able to translate their usual experience into livestreams most notably Code Orange , who have kinda transcended hardcore at this point anyway , but for the most part it's been a lot harder to be a hardcore fan than a Ben Gibbard or a Waxahatchee fan during these times. And if things were otherwise normal, this would be a great time for hardcore. The genre has been thriving more in the past few years than it had been in a while, and there were so many tours and albums we were anticipating this year that might now be put on hold until For that reason, I decided to round up great full-set live videos of 12 modern hardcore bands I'm currently very excited about.

12 great modern-day hardcore live videos to watch during lockdown

Videos – Hardcore Mudd Run

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While videos may have stomped out many a radio star beginning in with the advent of MTV , the medium had very little impact on the burgeoning '80s hardcore movement Sure, there was professionally-shot visual evidence of the likes of the Ramones, Sex Pistols and the Clash dating back to the mid-'70s, but by the time each reached the consciousness of those outside the immediate punk movement, these acts were already closer to the mainstream than hardcore has ever been. Fashion over passion, as the saying goes. What once seemed unfathomable was now akin to peanut butter accompanied by jelly, and a consistent part of the hardcore punk album release equation. Hell, at the very least, they helped us learn what gear to adorn ourselves with for the next gig.
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