Fate grand order raikou

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Born as the eldest son of the Minamoto clan , he is a figure who contributed to the development of the entire Seiwa Genji line as the founder of the Settsu Genji branch. Naturally, he is a male in historical fact. However, realizing she is an indisputable genius, her father reinvited her back to the family under the guise of a newborn son as Minamoto no Raikou. The defeat of Ushi-Oni was actually an act to separate and seal away her Oni part. The child of Minamoto no Mitsunaka , who was born as the heaven-sent child of Gozu Tennou, was left in the care of a temple as an unwanted child and was raised in secret because of his abnormal birth being the child of an Oni. The ones who departed to exterminate him was Minamoto no Raikou, a samurai who has the same father as him, and the Four Heavenly Kings that were commanded by Raikou.


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Apply Special Attack [Demonic] to self 3 turns. There are very few Servants in the game that can boast potency in both farming and boss slaying, but Minamoto-no-Raikou can accomplish both with her overloaded Buster skill set, AoE Noble Phantasm, and fantastic firepower. What separates Raikou from her peers is her third skill: Mystic Slayer , which boasts immense coverage over a large roster of possible enemies and lasts for 3 turns. When combined with her Berserker class and AoE Noble Phantasm, it allows her to serve as an effective farmer against a wide array of enemies, as well as a boss slayer for many Challenge Quests featuring Earth or Sky Servants. In addition, the hit count on her NP is excellent, which allows her to generate a significant sum of Critical Stars via Overkill and its in-built Star Generation buff.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu

His loyal service earned him the governorships of Izu Province , Kozuke and a number of others in turn, as well as a number of other high government positions. Yorimitsu served as commander of a regiment of the Imperial Guard, and as a secretary in the Ministry of War. When his father Minamoto no Mitsunaka died, he inherited Settsu Province. The Karatsu Kunchi festival in Karatsu City , Saga Prefecture , features a large float inspired by the helmet of Minamoto, being partially devoured by the oni Shuten Douji.
Increase ATK for all allies 3 turns. Increase Critical Star Drop Rate for all allies 3 turns. That won't do, that won't do! Do you understand?