Eyeless jack x reader lemon

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Sexy times ahead You lay awake in your bed, waiting for sleep to overcome you. You lived alone, and the noises that would come with nighttime scared you to no end. You would stay awake for hours, just waiting for any other sign of an intruder. This night was no different. You'd stay awake, but once you determined no one was there you fell asleep. And you almost had, Until you heard the unmistakable sound of your window creaking open.

Eyeless jack x reader

Eyeless Jack X Reader (LEMON;) | Eyeless jack, Jack creepypasta, Creepypasta x reader lemon

Just wanted to do something a little new to break up the Hitchhiker updates every week. Hope you guys read that story if you haven't, and I hope that you liked this! Here is the description: You had been shuffling around in your bed trying to get some sleep for a good few hours, but it was no use. So instead of continuing to try, you decided to head downstairs to wait for morning to come only to find your crush, Jack, asleep on the couch. The cold was unbearable, so you decided to wake him up to join him under the blanket, only to find him coming out of what seemed like an intense wet dream

ErinElectricity17 — Eyeless Jack X Reader LEMON (ch.3)

Eyeless Jack X Reader Lemon He laid you down on the bed gently and gave you small pecks along your neck. You could feel yourself heating up as you closed your eyes. You whimpered and he chuckled while pulling up your shirt, making the back of his nails rub up against your skin to your breasts.
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