Did paige get a boob job

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But what is also undeniable for half of our list, is the fact that their "puppies" as Lawler would say have grown into "dogs" and it definitely didn't happen because they ate their vitamins and said their prayers. For a large majority of our list, you could even make the argument that it was their good looks and not their talent that kept them hanging around in the ring. You may also be surprised at the flip side of our list when we look at 10 former WWE Divas who haven't added an artificial chest to their list of finishing moves. But as you'll hear from Brie, that doesn't mean Vince hasn't tried to get her to go bigger! In many cases we have quotes from the women themselves, giving insight on their decision to either go bigger or to rock their natural look. Prior to getting her start in the WWE, Jillian Hall was competing on the independent circuit under the name Macaela Mercedes and certainly did enough to capture Vince's attention.

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss reveals she got breast implants to help her recover from eating disorder

Paige's bimbofication process (Post Boob Job album in comments) : bimbofication

A place to share art, stories, and photos involving a female or male being transformed into a bimbo! Whether you desire to be the one bimbofied or simply want to look at other's transformations, this is the place to collaborate. A Discord for girls looking for advice on being the best bimbo they can be! Male to Female transformations are allowed, however, it must be a bimbofication, not just a transition.

WWE star caught up in boob job storm after posting busty pics

She famously got an exclusive sponsorship deal with Reebok when other arguably more deserving fighters missed out. The year-old Oregon native won fans over though, by being one of the nicest fighters in the UFC. Now VanZant has confirmed what many fans were speculating over the past couple of weeks.
The WWE superstar bravely overcame demons she suffered in her teenage years to become a five-time Women's Champion. The Goddess admitted she had a boob job in December but has now opened up about what led to her going under the knife when she was younger. During a feature on the WWE network , the year-old revealed her health had once deteriorated to the point that she might have died. I will never regret doing that for myself because it helped me get over my eating disorders and my body image issues. The Ohio-born star recently returned to in-ring action after an almost year battle with a series of concussions.