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No reason was given for the decision to close the business. At time of posting, there is no mention of AES going out of business on their website , but I assume their various stores may begin the process of liquidating inventory soon.. Traditionally, people got ham licenses while young. It was exciting because the world opened up when it was otherwise pretty small. The testing was no impediment, people were at an age when it could all be soaked up.

Amateur Electronic Supply signs off

Amateur Electronic Supply Closing after 59 Years in Business

Power: 10W Builtin, relay-type automatic HF antenna tuner; memories; Memory keyer; Large capacity external battery pack and antenna options. Dim: 6. Requires 5 to 15VDC. Dim: 0. Requires 7 to 24VDC.

AES Ham Radio Catalog by AES Amateur Electronic Supply

Amateur Electronic Supply sells radios, antennas and equipment that help hams connect with other hams throughout the world. It opened in Milwaukee in the late s, attracted amateur radio enthusiasts from throughout the Midwest and eventually spawned stores in Cleveland, Orlando, Fla. Ham radio clubs meet at the store at W.
It turns out that Amateur Electronic Supply AES suddenly announced that they would be ceasing all business operations at the end of this month. After nearly 60 years of operations, the owners of AES have decided to pull the plug. There will be no going out of business sale, only a transfer of goods. The remaining AES locations will close permanently. This may be of temporary benefit to HRO as it also expands its hold on the physical store amateur radio market.