Ancient sex art

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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. See also category: Paintings of nude couples in bed. Media in category "Paintings of couples having sex" The following 51 files are in this category, out of 51 total. Joos van Winghe Attr - An amorous couple in an interior with a tortoise. A couple making love in a room.

10 Shocking Pieces Of Erotic Art From The Ancient World

29 Pieces Of Erotic Art That Prove People Have Always Loved Sex

Though it may not be polite to talk about in history class, erotica appears in most great civilizations in human history. From hieroglyphs of fornicating Egyptians, to wild orgiastic Greek romps painted on pottery, to octopus cunnilingus wood cuts in Edo-period Japan, when there is art and culture, there is erotica. In ancient Egypt, sexual images were common in temples, tombs, and religious texts. The Sun God created other Gods by masturbating, an important event recorded in Egyptian art. Often, hieroglyphs implied sexual acts rather than depicting them in detail. Artists used symbols and coded iconography.

Ancient erotic art

Sex statue, Egypt. The wooden phalluses - one measuring 10 inches and the Avicenna, Canon medicinae.
When we picture the ancient world, it is often an idealized society we conjure up. In this serene Golden age intellectuals wandered about in clean streets surrounded by elegant and gleaming white statues. In fact the ancient world was often dirty, smelly, and noisy. When artefacts were excavated in the past they were often suppressed if they did not fit the cultivated image people had of the ancient world.